Ah, yes…Daytona USA. One of the prime examples why arcades ruled the world back in the early 90s. Developed by the wizards at Sega’s AM2 team, Daytona USA featured hi-octane arcade racing at it’s finest. Aside from having awesome graphics that ran at a constant 60fps thanks to Sega’s Model 2 hardware, the music in this game got every gamer’s heart pumping like nothing else. Just listen:

This is what you heard reverberating through every arcade you stepped in back in 1994 and beyond. The simplistic lyrics complemented by gibberish perfectly captured the overall feel of the game: Simple, frantic, silly fun like only the 90s could offer. If you aren’t old enough to have experienced the original in the arcade or one of the ports for the Sega Saturn or Dreamcast, you can grab an arcade-perfect port right now on XBLA and PSN. I highly recommend you do so, but be prepared to have this song stuck in the back of your mind for the rest of your life.