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Yo! I'm Ando, a solo indiedev making games I'd have loved as a kid. And you can play them!

What's new: I wrote a quick guide on how to move from Twitter to Mastodon!
Be excellent to each other and game on!

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Steam Autumn Sale 2022

POST | | #Sale

Time to save money and play games!

About That Twitter Thing...

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Twitter is falling apart, or maybe it isn’t. Anyway, here’s my plan for the future.

The Gamedev Guide to Getting Started with Mastodon

POST | | #Mastodon #Guide

It’s not as bad as you think!

Chibi Ninja Shino-kun is on Steam!

POST | | #Shino-kun #PC

A legendary ninja returns. And you can help him!

PogoGirl Devlog #31: PogoGirl is Bouncing to Consoles!

POST | | #PogoGirl #PC #Devlog

A small bounce for PogoGirl, a giant leap for me!

Chibi Ninja Shino-kun is Coming!

POST | | #Shino-kun #PC

A legendary ninja returns. And you can help him!

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