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Yo! I'm Ando, a solo indiedev making games I'd have loved as a kid. And you can play them!

What's new: Go! Go! PogoGirl is now out on consoles! Whoa!
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Chibi Ninja Shino Kun Released

POST | | #Shino-kun #Release #Steam #Itchio

The ninja has leapt out of the shadows and onto digital store shelves!

Go! Go! PogoGirl Now Available on Consoles!

POST | | #PogoGirl #Switch #Xbox #PlayStation

Go pogo on your platform of choice!

Pogogirl Hits Consoles Soon!

POST | | #PogoGirl

10 days left!

Chibi Ninja Devlog #3

POST | | #Shino-kun #PC #Devlog

Let’s look at Demon Tower!

About the SGDK Tutorials

POST | | #SGDK #Announcement

They’re on hiatus.

Steam Autumn Sale 2022

POST | | #Sale

Time to save money and play games!

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